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Here We Go Again.


There has long been a need for a change here at Gorecki Studios, and with the start of a new year, I felt I needed to jump on the bandwagon and make some New Years Resolutions. I am resurrecting the website, raising the bar on my creativity, and pushing myself artistically out of my comfort zone this year.

Armed with a new buisness manager, and a social media guru (my amazing daughters). We have set out to give the studio a facelift. I started with this website and linked to all the necessary media outlets so you will be able to see what we are creating in the studio whenever you want to log in – be it Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and of course this website and blog.

We will have them all covered.

I have lots of exciting projects in the works for the coming year. So stay tuned, true believers.

Its going to be a fun year!

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