Christopher Gorecki

     Ever since I can remember, I have been creating artwork.

Using anything I could get my hands on to decorate my world from painting on canvases, to transforming walls into murals,

or even sketching on scraps of paper.

I covered it all.

Through the years, I have had a number of great instructors and an amazing family who have fostered and inspired me to explore my obsession for all realms of art.

I believe my true calling to become an artist was when I discovered my first comic book. 

This fascinating ability to tell stories though pictures — evoking all kinds of emotions — captured my imagination.

 I've been devouring any art classes ever since.

     I completed every art class in high school, including becoming a T.A. my Senior year. This is were I was first exposed to oil paints, creating the painting, "Oranges of a different flavor." I entered this painting in The Francis Hook Scholarship Fund, taking 1st Place in my division and winning best in show over all.

With Scholarship in hand, I headed west to the Colorado Insutute of Art and Design to start my B.A..

There I discovered my love for the Rocky Mountains and the field of illustration.

Finally, I was able to blend my love of comics and fine art.

But desiring to elevate my education, I moved home to finish my B.A. at the College of Visual Arts in St. Paul, Minnesota.

This is where I was exposed to a vast amount of mixed media, broadening my artist vocabulary,

but confirming painting with oils is were I fine my true artistic voice.  

     After years of school and earning my B.A., I took a short break to start my family. I also started seeking out work wherever I could be creative. I freelanced as a graphic artist and painted and inked animation cells for Reel Works. I also began working for a number of local studios as muralist / interior painter locally and across the U.S.. Painting all manor of walls from waterparks, to historical mansions and even yachts. During this time, I explored and expanded

Gorecki Studios.

I feel I have finally created a studio that produces amazing moods in interiors, on canvas or wherever this crazy business takes me. Through this endeavor, I hope to inspire my children to feel the same freedom of expression wherever they find their passion.